The Edge

After reflecting on my initial images I started to go back to the constructed countrysides I had already been to and retook the images to fit my new brief. I think these new images work a lot better and am going to continue to experiment with this idea, I have 3 more parks to go to that I have already shot at and am also going to go to the countryside such as Allesley to see if the divide and border is any different. I imagine it to be a lot less obvious and blend in more as it is natural and not man made. Again I edited these in black and white so I am able to get a good idea of how they would look like in 35mm or medium format black and white film. When I have finished shooting all these places I am going to gather all my images together and see what works best and try to create a finial piece with my digital images. When I have done this I will have a better idea of what to take when using the analogue cameras.