Initial images reflection

After looking at my initial images I have come up with a more specific theme to explore for this project. Instead of looking at a wide comparison of cities and constructed landscapes I want to look further at the ‘edge’ of these constructed landscapes, where is it? Is it obvious? Can you see the city from this divide? Also I am going to try and compare this feature in a natural countryside, what is the differences between these to areas and why is there a difference? By looking at this more focused area I am able to create a series which clearly explores these countrysides and the cities, before although I thought some of my images were strong they didn’t necessarily fit in with the themes that I was trying to express, I think this works much better. When looking at this you can almost see the cities within the countryside, I want to look into why these cities have created these green area’s. Looking at Jem Southam’s work inspired me to look into human presence, when photographer these images it was clear that there was a large human presence in the main cities, you could see this from litter being left around and graffiti among other things, however when I went to compare this with the parks, there was very little to see, this showed that they are being kept and looked after, someone is clearing away any human presence almost as to not effect the experience for the next person to come along, at first I wrote off this idea thinking that there was no comparison to make, however that could be the comparison in itself. Below are an example of some of my initial images leading in the right direction, they may not be the strongest images out of my two shoots, however they have the strongest thematic link.