John Gossage- The pond

When John Gossage’s book ‘The pond’ was first published in1985 it was groundbreaking as it was different to what many people had already seen. The book contained images taken around a pond and an unkept woodland area on the edge of a city. These photo’s do not match the general ‘beauty’ of classical landscapes and how they are normally portrayed by photographers such as Ansel Adams. I thought this was interesting and linked well  to my project as I don’t want to just take ‘pretty’ pictures, I want to provide a comparison of cities and these countrysides near or in cities. I think Gossage has an interesting way of portraying this for example litter that has been left behind and what the sky looks like. By taking pictures like this and doing a direct comparison could provide a good start for my project. I think that these images reveal a subtle reality on the connection of mankind and the nature surrounding them. “Believable because it includes evidence of man’s darkness of spirit, memorable because of the intense fondness [Gossage] shows for the remains of the natural world.”- Robert Adams

As you begin to look through the book, there is very little evidence of human impact, however as you go through the book this human evidence slowly creeps in more and more. By the end of the book it is more how the effects of nature are slowly creeping in. This was not a stated theme within the book however I do think this was intentional. This could be an interesting idea to expedient with when thinking of how to present my work.

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