Presentation review

Overall I think my presentation on Richard Avedon went well, I feel like a covered a broad subject and kept my audience interested by linking it to things that they may have been interested in. I think that from my presentation my class mates will have a wider knowledge on Richard Avedon, in particular the series ‘In the American West’ and other photographers linked to him. As well as this I think they will start to see the transition from portrait photography to commercial fashion photography.

By adding comparisons to Martin Parr I was able to show that this was still happening in the present day and that this wasn’t just a one off with Avedon’s series. I think this is an important part of photography and also how to make money, you may not enjoy creating a certain piece of work but if you are commissioned to do it, it will allow you to pursue other personal projects you otherwise wouldn’t have the funding for.

I think I was able to answer the questions by Matt and Anthony well, this shows that I also did wider research and didn’t just include everything that I had found in my presentation. I was really interested in the photographer that I was given, and found it easy to research him and his photographic works.

If I was to do the presentation again I don’t think that I would change much, I think the subject matter of my presentation worked really well and flowed well from slide to slide, not only giving the information that was needed on the series but also a background of Avedon and other photographers such as influences and similar work, this helped put Avedons work in perspective. However I think I would include and image deconstruction to help explain why his images were so successful. I spoke a lot about the ‘truth’ in my presentation, I may have also included a short definition of this, and why it is so obvious throughout Avedons work, especially ‘In the American West.’

I think this project enabled me to think wider into a series of work and the meaning behind, this will help me for further projects of my own, hopefully I will be able to put a strong meaning to my images and not just create something that is ‘pretty’.