Assignment 1: Further Ideas

Since posting about my initial ideas for assignment 1, encountering cultures I have thought further into the project and produced a more in-depth idea which I am going to explore first digitally and then transferring it into analogue.

I am going to look at a comparison of cities and man-made countrysides, such as parks and green areas. I want to explore why they are there and people reactions to them, how they may treat these different areas differently. I am going to look at photographing these areas in different ways, concentrating on different things such as the people there, any litter, close ups (macro), and things that people may not usually notice. I want to look into whether they are in harmony with their surrounding cities or conflict, do they fit in?

To start my research I am going to look into things such as: Lewis Mumford- What is a city, city theory, John Gossage- The Pond, Bernard Fuchs photography, Todd Hido photography, Jem Southam photography and nature deficiency disorder- The last child in the woods. Hopefully these areas of research will inspire me further, allowing me to create more images and explore different areas.

I am also going to look at different ways of presenting my work, this will be thought about more deeply further into the project although I think having a few ideas now will help me when I’m shooting the images. I like the style of Chad Rutter’s- The great American non-site, and am going to experiment with a similar style, whether I’m going to use the same place or mix the two areas together within one image I am unsure of at the moment but with experimentation I will be able to decide which works best. I am also going to experiment with some macro photography and doing a direct comparison between the two areas. And finally I have taken screen shots of the mapped areas I am going to shoot, I am going to look into how I could display these with my images as well.