Plan of Presentation- Richard Avedon

  1. Introduction- talk about the question and why I’m looking into it. Give an example of some of the images from the series ‘In the American West’.
  2. Talk about Avedon’s inspirations and where he may have got his drive from. Alexey Brodovitch- look into his work and why he was inspirational. Steve Pyke- look at his portraits and complete a brief comparison.
  3. ‘In the American West’- look into this series in a more detailed way, include initial idea’s from Avedon, how did he shoot it and what camera, opinions on the series (peers, tutors, online, Avedon etc.), the influences on fashion and similar images or campaigns that have been produced (gap, levis, clone), look into why he didn’t shoot in the studio and the initial response from the public.
  4. Quote from Avedon- ‘A portrait photographer depends upon another person to complete his picture.’- talk about this quote and how it related to the series, link to pictures, just briefly. Include a few images to support this, deconstruct.
  5. Conclusion- start to think about the answer to the question originally stated.