Letter to Self

Dear future self…

I hope I am reading this having had an amazing time in my first year of Uni! Hopefully doing well on my course and achieving the grades I wanted to and have settled well into Uni, survived fresher’s week and made so many new friends that will be around for a long time.

I’m really looking forward to moving out: gaining independence, which is hard to do while you are still living at home under your parents roof and finally fending myself (hopefully without too many money problems and not too far into my overdraft!). Also meeting so many new people which will potentially become life long friends, this is slightly nerve wracking, being in a position where I don’t know anyone away from my home comforts as well, but we all have to remember that everyone is in the same boat and just get on with it!

As well as this, and the main reason I am going to Uni, I want to expand on my knowledge of photography and find new ways to creatively express myself. Photography is something that I have always enjoyed so by taking this further I hope that I will be able to make a career out of it, or at least increase my chances of doing this. I want to have experimented with different genres and techniques and not be just stuck in the same type I have been for the years I have been interested in photography, I want to experiment and who knows I might find something new that I love even more? I would never forget what I have learnt in the past or dismiss something just because I have done it before, but I definitely feel this course is giving me a chance to experiment and get advice from people who have been through what I am going to experience. I want to give everything I can to this course and really make the most of it!

As I am writing this the thought of university is just as scary and daunting as it is exciting, there are so many emotions all mixed into one and I really don’t know how to feel. I know in a year’s time I will look back on this and laugh at all my worries, as I hopefully have thoroughly enjoyed my first year and will be begrudgingly leaving to go back home for the months of summer.

I am going to find it hard to say goodbye to everyone that has been there for me and been so close over the past years. However this isn’t necessarily goodbye, but more a break away. I’ll be back, maybe not long term, but these people have enriched my life and I will never forget them for that, it’s time to meet new people to do this in the next stage of my life and support me through this new experience.

Good luck in your first year!

Your past self.